A Saint Nicholas Parable for Chairman Xi & his Fact-Checking Whores

Stumbling over diamonds to pick up gold has never been a good business model and snowballs down- hill even faster when it comes to being paid in dollars. Did the first two lines of Genesis contain the electrochemical pathway to abundant food and energy while all of mankind from its writing from the hand of Moses has walked right by whistling some other man’s tune? Do stolen elections have consequences?

What has been really bad for Xi Jinping and the CCP is near $200 per ton coal. Harvesting clean hydrogen from coal is the key that unlocks the America First future and pins Jinping to his knees. Who supplies the WEF? (yes, the audible double entendre was intended); but a made in China coal fired furnace.

The carbon tax is already here. Unfortunately, there are too many dumb donkeys out there that follow the wrong side of science. Telling them God loved man so much He had Moses write down all the answers for us gets people banned from the public square faster than a Messianic Jew on Yom Kippur in a New York City synagogue saying, “But Jesus atoned for the sins of all mankind.”

The devil always creates a crisis and never lets it go to waste. Racism is a favorite tool but is simple to unwind. Losing a competition to your brother should not result in death or banning from the social media square. Whose fault is it that the creation worshippers have not been let in?

Racism is three strangers, one white, one red and one black. The red is the devil and tells the white, he is white and on his side. And the red stranger tells the black, he is black and on his side. The red devil always won because both the white and black strangers are color blind falling for his lies. The strangers don’t have to be of different colors but the red devil only wins when he gets both of their blood passing out favors along his way.

If God created the carbon circle before creating man, is it too tough for man to copy? It only kept mankind alive for about 6,000 years according to the Bible and created all trade and wealth. Which by the way told us God liked the smoke and the fat from the religious animal sacrifices at the no longer standing temple in Jerusalem. Not that any of the priests, pastors, rabbis, imams or any religious leaders seemed to preach about in any type of sermon or book on that obvious clue.

Does God’s judgment come down on a nation? Or does it come down on them all? Worshiping the creation instead of the creator is not the scientific method either and that has been settled before. Is there a nation without sin?

Not accepting God’s savior did not give the Jewish people the most desirable outcome so far but the clock has not struck six yet. Don’t rely on government to take your place when it comes to heeding Abraham’s warning about the Holy Land. Rome seems to be the wrong target for any Christian to receive Abe’s blessing.

So, God assembled all the ingredients on earth and in the atmosphere to create all life turned on the lights, and earthly organic chemistry commenced. Give thanks to God for sending His Son to turn water into wine and showing how it is done.

Who makes a crown for his long-awaited King? But His faithful servant pouring his tears out over His plans knowing the blessings His Love brings to all living things. But please heed the warning from beyond the grave. The climate never changes in the fiery lake. Let every man, woman and child repent and choose the right path before it is too late.