Present Fuel Cell Companies Could Be A Climate Crime by Design

copyright 02/13/2021

All of mankind’s answers to it’s most stubborn problems have answers that are so much simpler to solve than could ever be imagined. Unfortunately mankind’s ability to be easily misled has not ever changed since the Garden of Eden where Adam did not hesitate to take a bite. Investors need to recognize the boardroom shenanigans that brought down Fuelcell Energy in 2019 were by design and are re-occurring.

The refusal of society, government and academia to ignore the clear scientific path presented over and over again in the Bible must also be by design. With the exposure of the Chinese Communist Party connections to Democrat politicians from members of Congress down to local municipality politicians Fuelcell Energy management is looking more setup for being sold out once again albeit with larger parachutes than President Trump taking the oath of office in 2017.

Begging at Satan’s trough for scraps was never going to work. The molten carbonate fuel cell is a steel maker. Steel will still be needed in tomorrow’s economy but maybe not as much as the CCP-owned KOSPO along with Blackrock, Morgan Stanley and friends should be wagering on. When management can not figure out why the technology is being stolen the chances of anyone there figuring out how to grow the seed of life is far less likely.

There are multiple passages in the Bible that refer to sacrifices over a charcoal fire. The main component of charcoal is carbon which is the sixth element. The sixth major prophet of the Bible is Yeshua Jesus Christ. So at one point in the life of the Messiah He has to tell the scribes and pharisees the Son of Man did not come to condemn but to change and to convert.

Just like the sixth prophet carbon changes and converts energy. Chlorophyll is a hidden chemical factory that sustains essentially all life on earth. That factory runs on a carbon channel that harnesses sunlight and infrared energy and converts it into electrons that then heats typically Manganese to split carbon di-oxide and water for conversion to proteins and sugars.

Present iterations of solar and wind harnessing technologies are not reliable enough methods for generating and sustaining today’s or tomorrow’s energy demands even with batteries, electrolyzers and fuel cells added to the mix for storage and re-use. These means for harvesting energy still need carbon fibers to advance. Unfortunately the worshippers who have developed this scheme could not understand that they have always been playing into His hands and they are Holy.

The whole claim of carbon di-oxide wreaking havoc upon the environment instead of being the building block of life is morbidly ignorant of His science. Investors should not fall prey to those who would carve an idol of wood and claim that mankind can not figure out how to finish the carbon circle of life. History has never treated fools and their money very well over the generations it is hard to imagine why they thought they were not repeating it.

Our Savior also said he was not creating a new religion but was re-affirming the Torah or first five books of the Bible which is the beginning of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. So for all those investors that follow Adonai would be best to remember that there were two trees in the Garden of Eden. Are their dollars invested in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Or are their dollars invested in the seeds of the Tree of Life?